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2003 – Palm Beach International Film Festival

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From 2003 – Palm Beach International Film Festival Website:

The 8th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival attracted huge audiences, far outnumbering last year’s attendance. The success of this year’s festival created a whole new level of awareness and recognition not only in Palm Beach County, Florida, but in the entertainment industry as well.


The fest opened Thursday, April 3, 2003 with “The Kid Stays In The Picture” presented by legendary producer Robert Evans. Commissioner Burt Aaronson announced to the audience that the PBIFF has turned over a check for $100,000 to Film and Television Education Programs for the schools throughout Palm Beach County.

An enthusiastic swarm of fans eagerly awaited the arrival of Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody outside the Mizner Park Theater where Brody introduced the festival’s screening of Roman Polanski’s multi-award-winning film, “The Pianist.” Alex Simon from Venice Magazine moderated a passionate Q&A session with the audience members.

The audience attending Saturday night’s Grand Gala ceremony at the Palm Beach International Film Festival at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, was treated to a surprise visit by such stars as Brett Ratner, Chris Tucker, Carol Alt, David DeLuise, Alvin Malnik, Michael Jackson and host Cady Mc Clain as honors were awarded to Oscar winner Adrien Brody, silent film legend Fay Wray, producer/writer/actor Robert Evans and producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis. Brody graciously accepted his honor for Performance of the Year with the same elegance that rivaled his infamous Oscar speech. Evans received a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by director Brett Ratner, Fay Wray received the Legend in Film award. and Suzanne DeLaurentiis received the Founder’s Award.


With over 90 films to choose from, there was certainly something for everybody! Filmgoers turned out in record numbers to see such films as “The Bachelorman,” (that had David DeLuise and producer/writer/ actor Rodney Lee Conover working the streets), “Broadway: The Golden Age,” (Fay Wray came to talk about the film to a sold-out crowd, along with director Rick McKay), “Annihilation of Fish” (with standout performances by Lynn Redgrave and James Earl Jones), “Coney Island Baby,” (directed by Amy Hobby, who recently produced “Secretary” and “Thirteen Conversations About One Thing”), “5 Card Stud,” (with Khrystine Haje attending), “Kissed By A Crocodile” (made by Aussie Wendy Dent, focusing on how western tourism is changing the face of Bali and their traditional family culture) and “Movie Hero,” (a fascinating tale of a man who is convinced his life is a movie). Attendees also sought out more serious fare such “Klezmer on Fish Street,” “Small Voices,” “Season Of Youth,” “The Egoists” and “The Last Reunion: A Gathering of Heroes.”

Over 700 people attended an encore presentation of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” outdoors at the Old School Square Pavilion.

The short films drew a particularly enthusiastic crowd throughout the week with such popular offerings as “Polaroid” “Home,” “Salaryman,” “Today You Are A Fountain Pen,” “Over My Dead Body,” and “The Wedding Bout.” The talent showcased by many of these directors is sure to elevate them to a new level of filmmaking!

Word of mouth about the exceptional lineup of films has reached beyond Palm Beach, garnering interest from various studios requesting to see several of this year’s entriessomething every film festival aspires to do.

The week concluded with several well-attended events, ranging from a Latin-themed party at the popular Oceans 11 following the screenings of “12 Horas,” (for which ex-Menudo star Charlie Mass came in from Puerto Rico) and “Los Zafiros,” to a beach party at Canopy Palms on Singer Island at which pop sensation Heather (who currently has a song rapidly rising on the charts) performed.

The closing night festivities started with a screening of Alan Rudolph’s newest film, “The Secret Lives of Dentists,” starring Denis Leary, Campbell Scott and Hope Davis, followed by a Wrap Party at the Old School Square in Delray Beach. The Film Awards were presented at the party, emceed by Rodney Lee Conover, producer/writer/co-star of “Bachelorman.” (The list of winning films is attached.) The crowd, which consisted of filmmakers, press, volunteers and festival attendees partied the night away! The Awards ceremony was sponsored by WCI Communities and the Closing Night event was sponsored by the City of Delray Beach and Old School Square.

The 8th Annual PBIFF became a competitive forum for the first time. The jury consisted of three individuals from different areas of the business. The jury was headed by national journalist Luke Sader, and was accompanied Terry Tharpe of Sony Pictures and Gregg Chabot, writer of “Reign of Fire.”

The 2003 PBIFF Award winners

SMALL VOICES (Mea Munting Tinig) Directed, produced and cowritten by Gil M. Portes.

Documentary Feature
THE LAST REUNION: A GATHERING OF HEROES, Directed by Brent Wilson. Producer Robert Reese

Short Subject
TODAY YOU ARE A FOUNTAIN PEN, Written and directed by Dan Katzir.

Gil M. Portes, SMALL VOICES.

Gil M. Portes, Adolfo B. Alix, Jr. and Senedy H. Que, SMALL VOICES.

Jonathan Bennett, SEASON OF YOUTH, Directed by Eric Perlmutter.

Lynn Redgrave, THE ANNIHILATION OF FISH, Directed by Charles Burnett.

Special Jury Prize
KLEZMER ON FISH STREET Directed by Yale Strom. Producer Elizabeth Schwartz.

Audience Favorite Awards

BACHELORMAN, Co-producer/co-writer/co-star Rodney Lee Conover.

BROADWAY: THE GOLDEN AGE, BY THE LEGENDS WHO WERE THERE, Directed by Rick McKay, who was on hand to accept the award.

Short Film
KILLING PEDRO RIVERA, Written and directed by Austin Stark and Jeffrey Karp, who were on hand to accept the award.

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Alvin Malnik Talks About Is Realationship With Michael Jackson

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Behind The Mask
The Private Life Of Michael Jackson

As told to Stephanie Wilson (Haute Living) by Alvin Malnik
Photo By Tatijana Shoan

As soon as the untimely and sudden death of superstar Michael Jackson hit the airwaves, the rumors began flying. From the highly suspicious to the utterly ludicrous, falsehoods spread through the media like wildfire. Michael Jackson—a superstar with unmatched talent and charisma, a national treasure under a glaring global spotlight from the time he was 10 years old—was an incredibly private person. And though millions revered the man behind the pop-king mask, few really knew him. Al Malnik, the famous and legendary lawyer, businessman, and restaurateur whom Haute Living referred to as a “Living Legend” during our cover profile in the January/February 2007 Miami edition, was one of the few people whom Michael trusted wholeheartedly. In fact, Malnik is the godfather of Michael’s youngest son, Blanket, a piece of reality that got twisted and misconstrued in the weeks following his death. The rumor mill warped the truth so much that it was claimed that Malnik was actually the biological father of Blanket—a completely fabricated falsehood. Malnik appeared on The Today Show to answer the claims, which he called a “Ripley event,” considering he didn’t meet Blanket until he was one year old. Speaking out for only the second time since Michael’s passing, Al Malnik shares his personal history with Michael Jackson with Haute Living in hopes of setting the record straight about the private life of this public figure.

I first met Michael about nine years ago. I was told that he had heard about me and was interested in meeting, and in particular wanted to request a tour of my house in Palm Beach. Michael was an architecture buff, and he had admired the property from afar. He was in L.A. at the time, and expressed interest in discussing several different  business ideas and plans. He finally asked [director] Brett Ratner, whom I refer to as my 11th son, to call me and ask to meet with him. I initially said no because I was not a fan, so I really didn’t see the point in inviting him to come over and entertain him. When I told my wife Nancy about it, she raised holy hell! She said, “Are you kidding? Michael Jackson! I grew up with him! His posters were on my wall! You have to let him come over, I want to meet him.” So to please her, I invited him to the house, and from that first meeting we all developed a beautiful friendship. Throughout the past decade or so, Michael would come and stay at the house quite a bit, sometimes with the children, and sometimes alone. It was an extraordinary time. Michael was an amazing houseguest because he really didn’t require any attention. He liked to clean his own room and make his own bed, and he taught his kids to do that, too, much to our amazement. Michael soon became close friends with my son Shareef, along with Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker. The four of them spent a great deal of time together at our house, always having a ball, filled with a lot of laughs. I also have triplets that are around the same age as Michael’s two older children, Prince and Paris, who are 12 and 11 now. We would travel often with Michael and the family, going down to Acapulco or other family vacation spots. We also have fond memories of our times out at Neverland Ranch. The most important bungalow there is called the Elizabeth Taylor suite, which is where we stayed. The first night, he had Elizabeth Taylor herself call me, welcoming me to her suite at Neverland Ranch! The kids, of course, loved Neverland; they went around with Michael’s children and saw the zoo and rode the train. It was such a magical time. One year, at a birthday party that Nancy was having for the triplets, Michael came to the theater and surprised not only us, but the birthday guests as well. Everyone thought it was a Michael Jackson impersonator. They couldn’t believe it was really him! Come to think of it, some of the people may still think it was a lookalike. All of our children spent a lot of time together, and Michael’s children especially enjoyed it. When they were with us, they were able to go out with Nancy and I and our family and not be haggled. They didn’t have to wear their veils because no one knew who they were. When they spent time with us they got to experience normal situations that were lacking in their daily lives, like visiting St. Andrew’s school or going to the movies. When they were with my family, they literally were able to take off the masks and no one bothered them. Michael was able to do the same. We worked to create everyday experiences for him, like going shopping. One time we rented out a Publix supermarket so that he could do what ordinary people do on a regular basis.

Michael was able to relax when he was with us and let his guard down. We live on the beach, and he and I would go down to the water together after the sun went down where he was just an ordinary guy, kicking his feet in the surf. When it comes to my history with Blanket, Michael asked me to be Blanket’s godfather when the boy was a year old. My relationship with Blanket is limited, because he was just a baby at the time, and I did not really participate in his upbringing. But I think that in the event something happened, Michael really wanted me to be a sort of safety net. He wanted to know that I would be willing to raise Blanket as though he were one of my own children, and that’s what the legal document says. I haven’t spoken with the family since Michael’s passing. I am not used to being in the media spotlight so when the stories came out, I was shocked. I know if I go to the funeral, the press will besiege me again. So instead, our family will just pray for Michael, and wish him bon voyage from this Earth. Our family loved Mi-chael very much, and we will always be respectful, and always extend our hand of friendship to any of his children, should they ever need our help. Michael had such an amazing energy and such talent. He was always composing new songs and singing them a cappella. One day, he was walking around the house in his pajamas, singing some new pieces that he was working on. He was walking up one set of stairs, and then down another. I asked him, “What are you doing?” He said, “I’m doing two songs at once! I am walking up this set doing one song, and when I walk down the other, I do the other song.” He could write a song in five minutes, it was unbelievable. I know he did end up recording some of these new songs. He planned on making his comeback by doing an outrageous concert tour, starting in Europe and ending in the United States. At the same time, he wanted to simultaneously publish some of the new albums that he had been working on while he was staying at our house—all new, never-been-heard stuff. He was so excited to do this tour, so prepared for it. One of our friends who had seen his rehearsal one or two nights before his death, called me and said, “You ought to come out and see Michael before he does his concert. He is unbelievable. It’s like you have never seen him before.” I did have the opportunity to see him perform before, at our house. While visiting, he asked if we could get him a portable dance floor, so of course we did. When I saw him move around on that floor, I was wowed. I had never seen anything like it. I knew he was unbelievable, and it’s nice to know that five years later, he was equally impressive. It was great fun in those days, but we also shared some hard times. I helped Michael out financially in a lot of different areas when he needed it. At that time, we managed to resolve all of his financial problems. After that period, which was after I had paid for his bail when he was arrested, I felt it was not in our best family interest to spend all of the time that was required to get Michael on the right track again, because at that point he had capable people around him. And, of course, geography was a big problem because Michael’s business interests are essentially in California or out of New York or Europe. I really just didn’t have the time to continue to devote myself to trying to resolve the many considerations that were in his life. The last time I saw Michael was right before his trial, although we spoke many times after that. He was a bit meaner at that time; he was so furious and so disappointed at the charges being hurled at him. He swore to me that he was absolutely innocent of each and every charge that was made against him. And that’s the way it turned out. I think the legacy of Michael Jackson will endure for many years to come. Ultimately, the negativity surrounding him in the press will dissipate. He will be more acknowledged and respected for the musical genius that he demonstrated, and that legacy will survive our decade and the ones to come. Our children will rediscover Michael Jackson again many years from now, and be amazed that he created the music that he did, the style of dancing that he did, and more importantly, the wonderful charisma that he generated.

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Al Malnik sets the record straight about Michael Jackson

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Al Malnik Interview with Merideth Viera on the Today Show 070109

Merideth Viera- You know, I look at the images you have offered to share with us this morning, both still photos and the videos, and its clear that yours was a place where Michael felt he could come and relax and take the masks off his children, both literally and figuratively. What are some of the fondest memories of the time he spent with you and your family?

Al Malnik- Well, there are so many stories. As I’m sitting here I just thought of one. At a dining room table, which is sitting right next to me, we were having dinner one night and Michael mentioned how fond he was of Louis Armstrong,  and I said Michael, that’s extraordinary that you said that, because the dining table here, that we’re having dinner on, was once Louis Armstrong’s table and chairs in New Orleans. He broke down and sobbed. Michael was filled with humility, sensitivity, reverence and respect for anyone and everyone. And most of all the love that he had for his kids equalled the love that he had for his fans.  He just was a guy that was beyond amazing and it’s just sad to hear all the spurious stories that have been created about him.

MV- You know, Alvin Malnik, I’m struck by the photos, or the video actually, that was shown in Mike’s piece that was taken at that supermarket. You took Michael Jackson to a market in the middle of the night so he could do what everybody else does normally, just go shopping, and how much fun he had there. And it seemed to point out to me how isolated he must have been in his daily life to get such a thrill out of this. Did he ever talk to you about the loneliness he felt?

AM- He said loneliness is part of his obligation, because he really felt he had a God given talent that he was required to share with the world. And that’s what he did, and a part of that was for his personal loneliness to suffer. He was well equipped and agreed to do that.

MV- You know, I get the sense looking again at these images that his children seem well adjusted, at least the pictures show them to be well adjusted. Is that the way they came across to you?

AM- Not only well adjusted,…great story- You know I asked him, I said to my staff you have a lot of extra work with the kids staying here, do we need some extra work efforts on your part? They said there isn’t any extra effort. Michael’s kids clean their rooms, they make up their beds, polish the mirrors and they take care of everything, and he (Michael Jackson) said that’s the way I bring up my kids and that’s exactly what they did. Each and every morning Michael’s children, their first chores before breakfast were to clean their rooms.

MV- Are you concerned about the kids welfare right now? I mean they just lost the only parent they’ve ever known.

AM- Yes I am, but I think the Jackson family love these children just as they loved Michael, and I have no doubt at the end of the day the kids are going to be fine and they’re going to be well provided for.

MV- You know Al, there were reports that at one point you had claimed to be Blanket’s biological father. Do you want to set the record straight here this morning?

AM- (Laughs) Yes, it would be very interesting (for people) to realize that I didn’t meet Blanket until he was two years old, so that would really qualify as a Ripley (Believe It or Not) event, I think. Of course I’m not the biological father.

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